Standardisation activities started with ASAM

The future of highly automated driving requires a common standard to validate highly automated driving functions. It is one of the ENABLE-S3 objectives to initiate actions related to the standardisation of simulation and testing environments.

Closely linked to the standardization work within ENABLE-S3 is the associate partner ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems), who is working towards a public specification named “OpenScenario”, which defines the dynamic content of driving and traffic simulators.

ASAM will hold a OpenSCENARIO Proposal Workshop on January 17-18, 2019 in Höhenkirchen, Germany, and invites current users and developers of driving or traffic simulators in automotive OEMs or supplier companies to participate. The goal of this workshop is to determine the work scope of a transfer project, which clarifies and formally documents the content of the current versions of the OpenSCENARIO schemata, and to initiate the further development of the standard.

Register for the workshop here: 

A standard that was already transferred into ASAM by VIRES, an MSC Software Company, is OpenDRIVE® . This standard defines a data model for the highly accurate, logical description of road networks. It is used for vehicle and traffic simulation and serves to functionally validate driving situations and driving maneuvers. OpenDRIVE® is going to be continued under the name of ASAM OpenDRIVE.