Machine Learning Workshop in Prague (26 – 27 April 2017)

On April 26th 2017, a machine learning and data science workshop was hosted by the CTU in Prague, who are in charge of machine learning and data science within the Enable-S3 consortium. The researchers and partners were able to exchange their expertise in machine learning and data analysis in intensive discussions during the talks, that also inspired the topics during the coffee breaks and dinner. The intention of the workshop was to connect researchers within the consortium for potential future collaborations and to exchange expertise. During the workshop, a wide variety of machine learning techniques and methodology was presented. Starting with an introduction of the most popular ML techniques, the workshop quickly headed towards more complex approaches for specific tasks and applications. Besides the diversity of algorithms, also the different domains induced valuable insights towards similar methods and enriched the workshop’s value. Vice versa, common approaches and topics could be identified across the various domains, which is all within the meaning of the aims of the project. The talks were ranging from specific applications in the automotive domain like end-to-end driving with neural networks, to generally applicable algorithms as object recognition, 3D reconstruction, reinforcement learning tasks, up to process mining in the health care domain and many others.