Review Meeting Year 1 in Oldenburg (29 – 30 June 2017)

From 28th to 29th  of June 2017, around 40 partner representatives and 2 ECSEL JU appointed reviewers as well as the ECSEL JU project officer joined the project’s first year review at the premises of the ENABLE-S3 partner OFFIS in Oldenburg, Germany.

First, the current project status and objectives, the technical management process and the technology bricks were presented, followed by extensive prototype demonstrations from the domains health care, maritime as well as aerospace and automotive.

In sum, the reviewers concluded that project management and collaboration within the consortium is running very well. They highly appreciated the number of demonstrators available already at this stage of the project and also emphasised the good synergies among the domains.

Overall, the feedback of the reviewers at the end of the meeting was overwhelmingly positive but they also made the consortium aware of the fact that even though the partners managed a good start, there is still a long way to go.