The Enable-S3 Maritime use case (UC10) will investigate and develop simulation capabilities for the purpose of testing the System Under Test (SYT), i.e. the Shore-Based-Bridge (SBB) including route planning, monitoring and ship control systems, in a Test System (TS); i.e. a Co-simulator. Appropriate communication system(s) for ship-shore-ship is required.

The goal of the V&V methodology is to test the quality of the SUT and the Maritime Co-Simulation for crew reduced vessels/unmanned vessels. The maritime use case (UC10) is detailed in the following 6 scenarios:

  1. Passage Planning and Deployment,
  2. Passage Monitoring,
  3. Reaction to monitoring information,
  4. Acknowledgement on board,
  5. Remote vessel guidance,
  6. “Fail-safe" and "fail-operational".

This demonstrator consists of a video showing the “Shore Based Bridge” operating a real test vessel and a live demo of a simulated data exchange Vessel to “Shore Based Bridge”  via Satellite connection; a simulation will be achieved by using NMEA simulator, satellite emulator and SBB.

On-going activities are now related to:

  • Two Co-simulation capacities are part of the Maritime use case, and are under testing:
    • A co-simulator between the Ship-Engine model (AVL-SF) in Regensburg and the Runtime (OFFIS) in Oldenburg;
    • A co-simulator for satellite communication between GUT in Gdansk and the Runtime (OFFIS) in Oldenburg.
  • Class-company DNV-GL investigates how ENABLE*S3 scenario-based V&V can be utilised in classification/type approval with the aim to reduce overall testing efforts and costs. A report will be made by end of 2018.
  • Refinement of the Shore-Based-Bridge to meet request from the UC10;
    • Refinement of an automatic Passage Plan module;
    • Looking into SBB as part of a “Fleet Management solution” – see figure 1;
    • Development and testing of a hand-held display (Moring Assistance) for Predicted path and Docking operations – see figure 2.
  • Report related to Safety analysis is under work.
  • Two Key Journal reports under work related to the Maritime domain; one related to Co-simulation and one related to V&V.

Testing SBB as part of a “Fleet Management solution”

Testing SBB extended with a hand-held display for Predicted path and Docking operations